Athletic Scholarship

Athletic Scholarship

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Students with Athletic Abilities

There are scholarships which are called athletic, or sport, scholarships. They are awarded for achievements in different (although not all) kinds of sport. The process of applying for and obtaining this type of financial aid is quite complicated and can take a lot of time. Since some of you reported that you could not open the pdf of our booklets online (Booklet 1, If You Want to Study in the U.S. (page 55), please see the information below:

“If you are a student athlete, you must apply to schools that belong to one of the three collegiate athletic associations.  While going through the usual process of researching, selecting, and applying to colleges and universities that meet your needs, you will also have to complete additional steps to become eligible to participate in and represent an institution in the competitions organized by these associations. 

  1. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA): This is the oldest, biggest, and most well-known collegiate athletic association in the United States. More than 380,000 student athletes participate in NCAA competitions, with around 126,000 of them receiving either partial or full athletic scholarships. More than 1,000 four-year colleges and universities are members of the NCAA in one of three divisions.
  2. National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA): This association is made up of more than 500 two-year member institutions. Approximately 43,500 student athletes compete in three NJCAA divisions, and many schools with Division I and II teams offer partial and/or full athletic scholarships for which international students are eligible. The NJCAA website lists member institutions by region, name, and sport/division. 
  3. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA): This association has 50,000 student athletes participating at nearly 300 four-year member institutions throughout the United States and Canada, many of which offer athletic scholarships. There are no divisions within the NAIA website.

The sports sponsored by each athletic association are clearly listed on their websites. Each athletic association sets its own eligibility requirements, and these requirements differ between divisions. For example, the classes that students must have taken between years 9 and 12 are very specific and differ between NCAA, Divisions I and II, while NCAA Division III schools make their own individual decisions about this matter.”

Here is the list of the websites that will help you to find answer to the most urgent questions related to the search of universities that award athletic scholarships:

To read about Athletic Scholarships see

How to Convert Your Grades

To help you calculate your grade-point average, please use the following grade translation.  You’ll need to provide a GPA of at least 2.0 to 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 when applying for athletic scholarships. Check with your school or read their specific requirements on their website for the most current information.

GradeTranslation    Numeric Grade            Equivalent U.S. Grade            Quality Points

100 – 90%                   17.0-20.0                                 A                                             4

89 – 80%                     14.0-16.0                                 B                                             3

79 – 70%                     12.0-13.0                                 C                                             2

69 – 65%                     10.0-11.0                                 D                                             1

64 – 0%                       0.0-9.0                                     F                                              0

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